Smallmouth Bass vs Largemouth Bass: How to tell the difference


If you’re new to fishing or even a seasoned angler,  a commonly debated topic that will come up will be the never ending debate of smallmouth bass vs largemouth bass. Both sides of the debate have ardent supporters who rarely give an inch. The only thing they’ll ever agree on is that they enjoy bass […]

Know The Rules: Fishing Rules & Regulations Every Angler Should Know

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Before you even think about casting your rod, you should first familiarize yourself with your state’s fishing rules and regulations. Fish are a resource and in order to preserve them, there are rules and regulations put in place by your local Department of Natural Resources and Fish and Wildlife. Their goal is to maintain healthy […]

Sauger vs Walleye: The difference between walleye and sauger


Sauger vs walleye is question that I get asked a lot. If you’re lucky enough to catch the same size of each species, telling the difference between walleye and sauger can sometimes be very difficult because they are so similar in appearance.However, it is important to know the difference between walleye and sauger because in […]